Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement was created by eMediWare to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the privacy of visitors to its Web sites and other contacts. eMediWare describes the types of information it collects, as well as how and why it collects it, in this section of the Privacy Statement.

Personal Data Collection and Use

Personal information may be stored and processed by eMediWare in order to better understand our customers' needs and, as a result, provide better products and services. We may contact you about new products or promotional campaigns using the information you provide. In the event that there is a problem processing or shipping your order, your personal information may be used to contact you. Outside of eMediWare Software, your personal information is not shared.


All the information stored is encrypted, to protect the security of your information during transmission.
eMediWare software is committed to protecting your personal information and takes all reasonable precautions to do so. Your personal information is only accessible to eMediWare Software employees. Our employees are required to keep this information confidential and may not use it for any purpose other than providing the services that are part of their job. Your personal information is only used within Software and is never sold or shared with anyone else.

Exceptions to personal information sharing

We will not share, disclose, or sell private data or information to anyone or any organization that is not directly involved in our company's obligation fulfillment. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and we reserve the right to share information with people or entities involved in the completion of a client's project.

  • Courts of law or law enforcement (including investigations, subpoenas, warrants for arrest, etc.)
  • Identity theft, credit card fraud, and other problem behaviors are being investigated by third parties.
  • Our company employs collection agencies, private investigators, and agents.
  • We do not collaborate with or have working business relationships with advertising agencies that require us to share client information. Giving Google Adwords (Adwords) client billing information and related business or marketing information is an example of an exception. We will only share information with our customers if we believe it will benefit them.

    Cookies are used.

    To track the time and pages you have visited, we may use cookies, small pieces of data stored on the user's hard drive. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can disable cookie acceptance in your browser's settings. You can still use all of the features of our website, including the online order form if cookies are disabled.