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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eMediWare?
eMediWare is a cloud-based hospital management software that works on a user module subscription basis to assist people in finding the best medical professionals, booking instant appointments, consulting, and making better-informed health decisions.
Is my Medical data secure with eMediWare?
Yes, Your Personal Information will be kept private and will not be shared with third parties.
How will eMediWare help the Medical Organization?
eMediWare will automate your routine tasks, record your clinical activities, provide you with hassle-free and quick operations, schedule appointments with doctors, get quick and easy Opd tickets, and organize your day with eMediWare. Your patients will gain a greater sense of professionalism and trust in your practice as a result. In addition, you’ll amass an excellent patient database that you can use for clinical data analysis and professional marketing with time.
What are the requirements to run eMediWare on my computer?
eMediWare is a web application that can run in all the web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc., and it can run on any device; mobile, tablet computer. However, a regular and stable internet connection is required to use eMediWare.
Do I need to buy all the modules?
No, you can choose the modules required for your health care centers. Customers can also request customized features according to their needs. Also, The cost of the software is determined by the selected Features/Modules. Please refer to the pricing section for the features and modules.
Can I transfer all the data from the current software to eMediWare?
For now, It is possible to transfer data from your current software to eMediWare with the help of the eMediWare team.
Will I have to purchase any other software like Microsoft Office to run eMediWare?
No, you do not need to buy any other software to run eMediWare. All you need is an internet browser and access to the internet. We create a cloud account for you, and you're ready to go in under a minute.
How do I pay for the Subscription?
It’s pretty simple. You can choose the version you want to subscribe to. Then, make an Online Transfer by any digital wallet Instantly. The pricing may vary according to your need for customization and adding new features to your hospital.
How long does it get access to the software once I paid for the subscription?
Once you've subscribed to the appropriate package, Your store will be created, and you'll receive credentials for instant access via email.
Can I create the user(s) and role depending upon their roles in the organization?
Yes, you will have multi-user access depending upon your subscription. In addition, users can be assigned specific roles for access to the system by admin.
Is it suitable for my organization?
Whether you are a large hospital or small clinic, pathology, nursing home, or polyclinic equally fits your needs. In addition, we are continuously upgrading our system to make it compatible with any organization by adding more features from time to time.
Can I see a demo (Trial)?
Yes, for using a demo of the software,e you can request us here and ask for a demo to provide access to the demo environment. You can check for all the functionalities for one week then decide whether to subscribe to it or not.