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Features Needed For Your Healthcare

eMediWare is now launched with basic features suitable for your healthcare organization. Whether you own small healthcare (clinic, pathology, nursing home) or big hospital, it is equally fit for your needs. We are adding more features and enhancing the system day by day teaming with medical professionals and hospital staff.

Patient Record Management

eMediWare is a cloud-based medical record management system. All patient records, including new and existing patients, are maintained in the system. In addition, all the records of outpatient, inpatient & emergency records will be available within the system forever.

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Treatments, lab, and radiology billing are all integrated. On receiving a discount, a discount notification will be sent for authorization. Automatic due date reminders, as well as the option to bill before and after a consultation.

Online Appointment

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After finding the right doctor of your concerned department of specialization, your patients can book appointments online directly from any device with the right specialist of your choice just in a single click.

Technical features

Most medical software systems rely on out-of-date client-server technologies that are only accessible from on-premises networked desktop computers. eMediWare transforms the way you run your clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities providing centers. With eMediware, you get a fully integrated healthcare management suite delivered on a cloud-based platform that is reliable, secure, and always available.

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